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Height and width and Weight

Total Height of the blade from Tip to shaft  

18in Height

Maximum Width of the blade at the widest location

Widest location may vary on each blade

9.25in Width

The Total Weight of a paddle


Double Bend

Draws your top hand closer to you on the catch, allowing for better balance during the stroke and a longer power phase

Half Moon Grip Handle

Half moon grip, designed to allow your top hand to easily load pressure in multiple directions quickly.  Faster change overs and causes less blisters.


12K Carbon Fiber creates a strong, light and durable construction.  We added a bamboo core to the shaft and blade to create a perfectly balanced paddle with just a touch of flex when under max load.



Ryland Hart collaborated with Danny Ching to combine the features of their two faovrite paddles.  Ryland preferred a large blade with a strong hold and follow through for long smooth strokes.  Danny preferred a smaller blade with a strong immediate catch for sprint and acceleration.  Together they arrived at the Hart Attack.  A smooth flowing paddle that instinctually reacts to the water, and also aggressive enough to accelerate you into a wave or passed your competition in an instant.  

The initial prototype was made by Danny Ching and raced in the 2018 PAA Molokai Solo World Championships where Danny Finished 4th. The blade was put into production at the end of 2019 and was released at the end of 2019.  It was an immediate favorite.  Unfortunately Covid in 2020 shut down most racing, but in early 2021 OC1 racing and opened back up in Hawaii and California.  Ryland Hart and Lindsey Shank dominated the Hawaii OC1 season with there new Hart Attack paddles winning nearly every race he entered.  Mean while Danny Ching dominated California OC1 and V1 racing with his Hart Attack.  One of our favorite accomplishments of the Hart Attack, is the wide range of paddler that loves and is successful with this blade shape.  Every paddler from juniors, to open, to Masters, to Sr Masters, to Golden Masters in both male and female categories have used this blade with great success. This is not just a paddle for elite racers.  This is a paddle designed by paddlers, built by paddlers and made for people who love paddling.  


Catch Location 

Often we talk about the catch in terms of size. When in actuality, the catch is a location. We attempt to design catch Location into our blade. However, we cannot determine an actual catch location until the Paddle is rigorously teste

The Catch location tells a paddler where the paddle will accept the most amount of power, without slipping water.  If you paddle beyond this location, you will must likely Miss the Catch and slip water, causing an inefficient stroke.


Blade Shape

We designed the outline to load sooner with less effort by creating a slightly shorter Height paddle with the wide based blade.  We added back surface area high on the shoulders of the blade to help prevent cavitation (air bubbles) under high pressure.   Next we thickened up the paddle in a few key locations to prevent Waffling (The wiggling side to side during a stroke that often happens when a paddle is too thin and/or set off angle).  These features all work together with the construction and materials to create one of the best on the market.

Swing Weight

On Land, we find that lighter is better, however, when it comes to swinging a paddle, too light can make it difficult to hold a rhythm.  We have found through blind weight testing, that most paddlers who are in a race like situation preferred a paddle that weighted 16-17oz.  This weight range was described as “easier to swing with rhythm and power even when fatigued.”  

When paddles weigh less than this, most paddlers quickly fell out of rhythm and found they paddled harder and got slower average speeds.  

Non slip surface

Creating a shine on the blade is not just for looks.  We found that a Smooth surface will hold water better than wet sanded surfaces.  This creates a tiny percentage of drag which slows down the paddle as it locks into place during the catch phase of the stroke.  (YES YOU WANT THE PADDLE TO STOP MOVING AT THE CATCH, SO THAT THE BOAT OR BOARD CAN MOVE FORWARD)  This tiny difference can sometimes be the difference between setting your blade effectively and efficiently, or setting your blade faster and slipping water.  

All Design Features working as one

Just like a team, every design feature of your paddle should work toward the same goal.  The Hart Attack design is meant to allow a paddler to easily and instinctually take a proper paddling stroke without having to think about everything at once.  The weight of the blade naturally pulls down your bottom hand and the correct catch location.  The Shape of the blade and texture of the blade, slow down and lock the blade in place immediately.  The half moon grip and double bend allows the paddler to apply maximum force in any direction further than a standard grip and straight shaft.  The 12k Carbon and Bamboo construction create a strong enough product to absorb the force delivered by thousands of strokes and a light enough product to not fatigue the paddler while doing so. 




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